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Testing the crossposting from Dreamwidth, which I'm now a part of thanks to the lovely [personal profile] lunasky. Thanks a lot, hon! My username is [personal profile] justbolognese, go add me if you have a dreamwidth account.
And for those of you who ask wth this is all about, I can't really answer you because I don't know much about Dreamwidth, it's a new and promising alternative to Livejournal and even though I LOVE LJ with all my heart, I am a sheep like new shiny things so I joined.
Go take a look: http://justbolognese.dreamwidth.org/
it's pretty <3 I might not post a lot on it or just cross post until I get bored, but it's still nice.

What else? Well, happy Star Wars Day! DUH!

and that's all...I'm back to school, the internet works very slowly and I learned that I won't be on holiday until June 25th which is WTF since it was supposed to be 2 weeks earlier and there's no way my dad (who's a philosophy teacher at my old high school) gets to be on holiday before me! xD

Date: 2009-05-04 06:43 pm (UTC)
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From: [personal profile] lunasky
Yay - glad you like. It's also super easy to get your journal imported - they do all the work for you. I'm also going to do a post for setting up neat layouts, if you're interested.


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